Dr. Gontrand López Nava

  • Director of the Bariatric Endoscopy unit Department of HM Sanchinarro University Hospital
  • Founder and ex Director of the Digestive Department of HM Sanchinarro University Hospital since 2007 to 2009
  • At HM Sanchinarro University Hospital in Madrid, in the Bariatric endoscopic unit he runs, for more than ten years  he has developed an important experience in:
    • Implantation of Intragastric Balloon (different types of Balloons) (more than 3,000 cases)
    • Endosuturing bariatric technics: POSE and APOLLO methods (more than 300 cases of POSE procedure and first author in the world to communicate results of weight loss at sixs months of evolution with APOLLO )
    • Endobarrier (indicated mainly when the obesity is associated to diabetes type II or Metabolic Syndrome).
  • Professor at ASGE (American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) and and IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders)


Dr. Manoel Galvao

  • Clinical Associate Professor at Florida International University
  • Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (FIU-­‐HWCOM), Miami, USA
  • Affiliate Professor of Surgery At ABC College of Medicine, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Chairman of Investigational Surgical And Endoscopic Procedures Committee at International Federation for Surgery of Obesity -­‐ IFSO
  • Bariatric Endoscopy unity coordinator at 9th July Hospital, Mario Covas Hospital and Gastro Obeso Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Board certified specialist in Digestive Surgery, Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy
  • Member of the ASGE Association for Bariatric Endoscopy (ABE) Advisory Board
  • Committee member at SAGES, ASGE, ASBMS and IFSO
  • Master degree in Digestive Surgery by Sao Paulo University

Dr. Natan Zundel

  • Clinical Professor of Surgery and serves as a Vice-Chairman of the Department of Surgery at FIU, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Florida
  • Medical Director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at Jackson North Medical Center, Miami.
  • Consultant for Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery of Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota.
  • Active member of the following societies serving on various committees and executive boards: ACS, ASMBS, SAGES, IFSO, IFSES, FELAC and ALACE of which he was also a former President.
  • Founder, Active or/and Honorary member of Laparoscopic and/or Bariatric Societies in 28 Countries.
  • President of the World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery in April 2012.
  • President of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO).
  • Dr. Zundel holds active and honorary memberships in professional societies in over 30 countries. His memberships include:
    • American College of Surgeons (ACS)
    • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
    • Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgery (SAGES)
    • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO)
    • International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons (IFSES)
    • Latin American Federation of Surgeons (FELAC)
    • Asociación Latinoamericana de Cirujanos Endoscopistas (ALACE)